Bolero of the Bears


Matt Jacobson

# of Players: Variable, at least 16

Instrumentation: Concert Band

Difficulty: Medium/Easy-Medium

Duration: ca. 3:00


This piece was originally commissioned by Mr. Saul Jacobson and the Broadview Public School Band in Ottawa, Canada, as a “Thank you!” for the 16 years of teaching music class, organizing band rehearsals and trips, and always being there for her students, dedicated to Mrs. Ginger Jacobson, Music Teacher. The dedication on the piece, as requested by Mrs. Jacobson, thanks the community for their support. Written for a strong trombone section and a brass-heavy young concert band, this piece is meant as a medium level challenge for a beginner group. Strong brass lines, lilting flutes and clarinets, and saxophones pick up and expand on melodic ideas, creating a bold, moving piece sure to have any young concert band enjoying themselves.

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