Introducing Eastern Hill Music!

In early 2020, longtime friends and classmates Sean Andres and Joe Turner came together with two common goals: provide the music industry with a new publisher that embraced the new, revolutionary instrumentations and techniques of the current era of musical compositions, rather than avoided it; and do this all while fairly compensating the composers for their long hours spent expanding the body of new music literature.

The motivation behind the creation of such a platform was the idea that composers should not have to choose between maximizing marginal revenue while sacrificing exposure through self publishing, or maximizing exposure while sacrificing profit through lopsided publishing agreements. When you purchase products at EHM, you can do so with the confidence that the composer is being proportionally and fairly compensated for their work.

Eastern Hill Music seeks to foster a community that connects composer to performer, and vice-versa, especially in a time when in-person interactions have been all but depleted. If you are a performer or composer seeking a commission, feel free to contact us using the “contact” form.