Incident No. 7


Benjamin Paden

# of Players: At least 8 players – more than 8 encouraged

Instrumentation: Undesignated


Duration: Undesignated


To be performed by indeterminate ensemble of at least 8 players (more than 8 encouraged.) The piece is of indeterminate length and relies on ensemble communication to advance from one measure to the next. Designate a member of the ensemble to cue labeled measures.

The piece is written in concert pitch, instruments not in C should transpose.

The piece can be adjusted to fit in the instrument’s range: bass instruments can transpose an octave to two octaves lower etc… soprano instruments can transpose an octave etc… up.

Non-pitched percussion are encouraged. The player can adjust the timbre of instrument/instruments to mimic the part as best they can.

Where there are chords listed, monophonic instruments can delegate who gets to play which note of the chord. Polyphonic instruments can play the chord, or if the texture is too thin, they can play one note of the chord.

In certain places the ensemble will be divided up into groups. At the most there will be 4 groups; however, instruments are not necessarily tied to a certain group through the whole piece. An instrument can belong to group 2 at rehearsal 2 and then belong to group 4 at rehearsal 4 etc… it is up to the ensemble to determine what instruments can belong to each groups.

Timbral experimentation is encouraged and any idea about performance may be pursued.


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