Sounds from Sirens


June Violet Aino

# of Players: 1

Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone, Triggered Media

Difficulty: Advanced

Duration: 10:17


Sirens once feared powerful beings of the oceans are now bound to land, forced to brew coffee, and are often yelled at by middle-aged landlubbers. People are still lured in by their songs but can cheat death and leave, only to come back the next day demanding more. Under this relentless torture, Sirens began to loose faith in their enchanting songs, assuming that their power was lost. However, under the customer service voice and forced smile, they still held mighty a power and many frightful sounds…

Sounds from Sirens is originally written for and performed by McCall Kochevar and was first premiered on April 29th, 2019 at the University of Hartford. The piece takes inspiration from our friendship as well as our shared workplace. That particular job being a customer focused “food service” job resulted in aspects of the piece stemming from a place of anger, frustration, and ultimately exhaustion.


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